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Biker Patches


Advantage Embroidery & Embroidered Patches can handle all of your custom embroidered biker patch needs. Whether you are an independent rider, part of a motorcycle club, or want to start a new club, we will provide you with top quality custom biker patches at a very reasonable price. Motorcycle club patches are used to signify biker club membership, and there are different ways to set up your patches depending on the club or organization. Biker association patches are a single one piece patch, while biker clubs usually use a two piece patch to identify their clubs. There is a club logo center patch, with club name top rocker. The bottom rocker changes and will signify the city, or bikers location. These patches should always contain a unique club logo and name. Sometimes the biker club will use only a top rocker and no center patch. Title patches are used to identify the bikers position in the club, while name or road patches can have the bikers real name or moniker. Memory patches are worn in honor of deceased members, and are usually placed anywhere on their leather jackets. Biker travel patches are commonly used as mementos of events or places that have been visited. Twill is the basic background material used on most biker patches, although reflective twill and leather are also used on some occasions. Most of our custom biker patches will be going on leather so we will use merrowed borders, or in some cases laser cut borders for easy sewing. We do not recommend iron on backing for leather applications, as this may cause damage the the leather surface. We supply custom biker patches to a variety of individuals and organizations, so feel free to contact us at any time for a free price quote. Custom Motorcycle and bikerĀ  patches are one of our specialties.