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BJJ Patches


We specialize in custom Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi patches. Embroidered BJJ patches need to be made with special threads and stitching techniques to hold up under the rough conditions of rolling and competition. We can also create your BJJ club logo as a woven patch. Woven BJJ patches are becoming a popular alternative to embroidered patches. We can get much finer details and a flat two dimensional look using finer woven threads. Keep in mind that you will be limited to 8 inches in size and 8 thread colors if you decide to create your BJJ logo as a woven patch. Just send us your logo and we will recommend the correct patch size depending on where you want to place them on your Gi. IBJJF rules require your sew your bjj patches on in one of 13 different locations with space allowance for grabbing. We recommend using a heat seal backing so your patch can be ironed on in the correct location before sewing it in place. If you happen to be a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter and want to get a patch sewn on to your uniform, make sure you attach it to your gi the correct way. When sewing your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu patch on you can try out basically three options depending upon your skills and needs. The simplest way is to take it a Tailor or Dry Cleaners and have him or her sew it on to your Gi. This is the preferred way and will probably cost you around $15.00. If you want to save on this expenditure you can also sew it on either on by hand or using a sewing machine. It's always a good idea to sew an X shaped pattern in the middle of the patch as well as around the edges. This will help keep your patch more secure and prevent it from coming off during training or competition. If you have any questions on BJJ patches or would like a free quote please contact us at any time.