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Differentiating Between Boy Scouts Patches


Boy scouts from around the world receive a huge variety of patches from their respective organizations as they progress towards the Eagle Scout. It can be a rather difficult job trying to identify the various scout patches. The merit patches which are earned during specific educational programs will change with the passage of time. New patches are also awarded at the end of jamborees and summer camps, or to commemorate certain events. Sometimes it can be quite difficult trying to assess the background of boy scouts patches even if you go through their inscription. With a few small steps one can make this entire task much easier and you will be able to identify the purpose and background of each patch without any trouble.

The first thing you would need to do is figure out whether the patch you are not aware of is a merit badge or a patch. Merit badges are awarded to Boy Scouts when they complete their programs successfully and are the size of a silver dollar coin. These are basically patches in a circular shape. Other patches come in a large variety of sizes and shapes but you will never find one which is similar to that of a merit badge. Boy scouts patches of these types are usually awarded after the completion of a summer camp, or a short course with the name of the program together with the date of completion mentioned on the emblem. To make it easier for you to identify Boy Scouts patches you can get the Boy Scout Handbook. This will contain a whole list of patches and badges together with their pictures that are awarded to scouts from time to time. You can get the Handbook very easily from your local library or a scouting office. Some Boy Scouts patches are awarded to commemorate a particular event and the emblem will contain the date and title of the even itself. You can always use the internet to get more information about the particular events and the patches that are awarded to commemorate them. Some of the old Boy Scouts patches did not contain the title or date and this would make it rather difficult to identify them. However, you can use a scanner to upload their images online and submit it with your local scout office for further details. There are also various books on the history of scouts and you would find numerous pictures of patches that are of historical significance in them.

Wearing Boy Scouts patches is definitely a matter of great honor and privilege for scouts. They work really hard to achieve them and fill out their uniforms as medals and rewards for their accomplishments. You can also consult your local scouts office for further information regarding various embroidery patches and badges.