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Chenille Patches


Chenille is a fabric made with fringed silken thread used in combination with cotton or wool and sewn in tight loops to give a 3-D effect. Most of our custom made chenille patches are a combination of chenille background with embroidery thread details. We can manufacture your chenille patches with either an traditional tight embroidered outline border, fat fuzzy chenille border, or a clean cut felt border. Most customers will choose a standard felt cut border for their chenille product. Chenille patches are most commonly used on varsity jackets or letterman jackets, as well as cheerleading sweaters and uniforms. A chenille letter which is also known as a varsity letter or an award letter, is the standard way to show spirit and accomplishment. You can choose between single felt, double felt, or even triple felt chenille letters and patches. The felt is the sturdy background on which the chenille is stitched. Single felt is the least expensive option where double felt has a layered look and will hold up better over time. We have also used chenille on motorcycle patches as well as various other sports organizations that use custom made patches. We have over twenty basic chenille thread and felt colors to choose from, as well as over three hundred embroidery thread colors for the patch details. Chenille patch backing options include heat seal, plastic, adhesive, or Velcro. There are a number of quantity discounts available on chenille letters, numbers, and custom patches. You can have your custom chenille products delivered in as little as two weeks versus six to eight weeks from many of our competitors. There is a six piece minimum order on all of our custom made chenille patches. Let us be your one stop for chenille appliques, custom chenille-embroidery patches, or chenille award letters and chenille number patches.