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About Custom Embroidered Patches


Custom Embroidered Patches are everywhere from police and military to local clubs and organizations. The process of making embroidery patches starts with creating artwork in a way that will enhance the look of your finished patch. After the patch artwork is completed then one of our digitizers takes the finished art and makes a computer program which can be read by our multi head computerized embroidery machines. This digitized file is a series of X and Y embroidery machine frame movements that actually sew the design on a piece of twill base material. A very important factor is the quality of the digitizing. Without an experienced digitizer your finished patch will have a less than desirable look. After the patches are stitched they are then cut out and finished with a merrowed border around the edges. In some cases we will use a hot knife, or laser cut the stitched borders. This is done if the shape is irregular or if that is the desired finished look for your patch. Different types of backing can be used on the backside of the embroidery patch depending on the application. We can use a Heat Seal backing (Heat Press or Iron On), Adhesive (Double Sided Tape), Velcro (Hook or Hook & Loop Sides), Plastic backing (For Stability) or no backing at all for a softer and more pliable embroidered patch. We can also use special embroidery threads like gold or silver metallic, glow in the dark, fluorescent or colorfast bleach resistant threads for your custom made patch order. For the patch background we mostly use a standard twill material. Specialty materials for the embroidery patch background include velvet, felt, reflective twill, satin material or chenille. These can all be used to give your custom patch that special look. We can also turn your design into a woven patch witch has a tighter woven 100% finish. This is done with designs that have fine details and or very small lettering.

We hope this helps you understand the process involved in the manufacturing of our custom made patches. Feel free to browse our patch samples and if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us at any time.