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Custom Patch Backings


Embroidered patches can be manufactured with several types of backing. The backing that’s right for your patch will depend on how your custom embroidered patch is expected to be used. If you want to sew your patch onto a thin material or a fabric with not much of a base then no backing is the preferred choice. Your patch will remain thinner and very pliable. The patch will not appear to be too bulky and stiff on the thin fabric. Beyond the basic twill backing there is plastic which will add stability and durability to the standard custom embroidered patch. The entire back of the patch is sealed in PVC plastic, which can then be sewn onto a garment. This is better for a sturdier garment and is also great for patches that will be handed out and not sewn onto any fabric. Iron-on backing enables the easy installation of your custom embroidered patches. You can use a standard home iron on the highest temperature setting, but the preferred method is a commercial heat press machine. For instructions see our How to apply iron on patches article. Ironing the patches on is also great for holding your custom embroidered patch in place when sewing the perimeter of the patch to the garment. This is the best and most preferred method to apply your custom made patch. This ensures a straight level placement as well as the most durable application when laundering. Iron-on patches are not suitable for all materials. Custom embroidered patches with iron-on backing cannot be used on any garment that cannot accept the highest heat setting on an iron. Examples are leather, nylon, silk, and some thinner stretchy polyester fabrics. If you are not sure then it is always best to test the material before trying to iron the patch on to the actual garment. If you need to be able to remove and reapply your custom embroidered patches then Velcro backing is the preferred choice. This backing type is especially popular for Military patches. The hook side of the Velcro is sewn on the back of the patch, while the loop side gets sewn onto the garment. The ability to remove your patch before laundering will extend the life of your custom made patch. For temporary patch applications then adhesive tape backing is ideal. This is best used when your custom embroidered patch need to be removable. These patches have a peel and stick application and can be removed very easily. Very similar to double sided tape. If your patch requires a laser cut or hot knife cut edge then iron on backing is necessary. The heat seal backing will ensure that the stitched border stays intact. This is not necessary with a merrowed border.
We hope this helps you understand custom patch backing options. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us at any time.