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Embroidered patches or woven patches?


Most of the time the best choice for your patch project is an embroidered patch. Generally embroidered patches are cheaper and more often than not will translate your artwork into a beautiful finished patch. However there are some instances when an embroidered patch may not be the best choice. Here are a couple situations that would call for a woven patch over an embroidered patch. You paid a graphic artist to do your logo and already advertised the finished product. Your embroidery company tells you that it is too intricate and detailed to embroider without changing some of the design details and or layout. Your answer can be to use a woven patch and keep the integrity of the original logo. Woven patches can be done with greater detail and at a smaller size than embroidered patches. This is especially noticeable on small lettering and with fine details. Another consideration can be the cost of the patch job. If you need to keep all the design detail and also stay within a certain budget then in certain situations woven patches can be a better choice. Woven patches can keep all the details of you complex logo at a smaller size. So instead of doing a 7” embroidered patch, you may be able to get away with making it a 4” woven patch and still keep all of the designs integrity. Whether you decide to go with woven patches or embroidered patches you really can’t go wrong. Either patch will give you a fine finished patch product and at a very reasonable cost compared to direct embroidery.