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Sewing on BJJ Patches


Many practicioners of BJJ will sew their club patches on to their gi by hand or with a sewing machine. Our recommendation for sewing on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu patches would be to take your Gi to local dry cleaners and have them sew the patch on. Most dry cleaners will charge only about $15.00 to sew your patch on. Many times the thickness of the Gi will present problems if you try to do this job yourself. It is also a good idea to order your BJJ patches with a heat seal backing.This way you can iron the patch on exactly where you want it before bringing it to the dry cleaners. If you are just putting your patches on for looks and don’t compete then the patch location is not that important. If you do compete in an IBJJF event then here are the IBJJF guidelines for BJJ patch locations.

According to article 13 of IBJJF rules,[3] patches may be placed on the gi in one of thirteen different locations:

On the jacket:

Left upper arm

Left upper shoulder

Front right upper shoulder

Front right upper arm

Front below the belt

Back below the belt

Back below the collar and above the belt

On the pants:

Above the front left knee

Above the front right knee

Below the front left knee (with at least 15 cm of space to the floor without patch to allow for grabbing)

Below the front right knee (with at least 15 cm of space to the floor without patch to allow for grabbing)

Along the back of the left leg

Along the back of the right leg


I hope this article will be helpful to all you Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners out there looking to sew on those new BJJ patches. Visit us at to order your custom made Brazilian Jiu Jitsu patches today and have your BJJ patches made either as embroidered or woven patches.