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  • August 24 , 2014
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A number of organizations from around the world use custom patches to represent and for identification purposes of their employees, workers or representatives. Custom patches are particularly popular with schools, colleges, military and law enforcement agencies together with sporting teams who place orders for specially designed patches which would meet their personal needs and requirements, and would represent the motto and vision of their setup. Custom patches have very intricate designs and are designed very carefully so that they would be able to meet the specific purpose for which they have been developed. The purpose of custom patches is obviously special identification and recognition to differentiate these organizations from the others. They would contain the name of the organization together with their logo, and a design which would be exclusive to them to create a personalized identity. Some large organizations may spend a huge amount of time and money on designing and getting their patches manufactured as it is a matter of their owner, and would actually hire professional designers for creating them and get the best possible material to have them manufactured for. Embroidered materials are often used in the creation of custom patches. Moreover, wearing these patches is compulsory in certain organizations including armed forces and sporting teams, and custom patches may also contain the name of the person wearing them. Sporting teams participating in competitions make sure that their players are wearing their personalized custom patches so that they could be identified as representing the teams themselves. They often have the patches embedded into the dress material and the uniforms come with these patches attached.

In other organizations, custom patches happen to be in high demand all over the world and even private companies where workers wear uniforms make it mandatory for employees to wear them at all times. Some orchestra bands and musical choirs also have their participants wear custom patches for better identification. Considering how popular custom patches are, numerous businesses are now involves in the manufacturing of various types of personalized patches containing some amazing embroidery work which represents the reputation and status enjoyed by these organizations. Embroidery work on some of these custom patches are very intricate and precise, and organizations are very particular about the quality of the design and material used in the development of these patches. Patches are indeed a matter of honor and respect, and are used for recognition purposes. We live in an age where there is a lot of stifling competition amongst organizations, and in this respect, patches play an important role in highlighting the brand name or title of the organization that they are representing.

The design of these patches may differ in accordance to the organization that they are representing. For example, military custom patches would have a very formal look while those of sports teams would have a rather competitive feel to them. Custom patches also act as adornments on uniforms and should be stitched very carefully since they act as representatives of the organizations themselves. For more information on having custom embroidered made please visit us online at or call 201-573-6200.

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